Thousand Oaks Electric – Full Service Electrical Company

Serving The Greater Conejo Valley and Ventura County Area

Yes, we are C10 licensed. However, licensing is only part of what makes a good electrician. With over 25 years of experience, Lorcan and his team have handled a range of electrical installations and repairs and can also provide maintenance services to help prevent costly issues.

We offer 24/7 Emergency Services, meaning you can call us any time of the day, weekdays, or weekends if your problem is severe and needs attention right away. This is common for Industrial or Commercial Services, where every minute without power can cost a business dearly. We do provide emergency services for residential issues, but typically, most homeowners prefer to save money by scheduling a service during normal business hours.

Based in Thousand Oaks, we offer services across the Conejo Valley and Ventura County area. This includes the cities of Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Oxnard, and Camarillo.

We can handle the electrical portion of appliance installation, such as running a dedicated panel circuit to HVAC systems, such as air conditioners (A/C), bathroom heaters, electric dryers, or Whirlpool baths / hot tubs (Jacuzzis). For specialized industrial equipment, we install the complete wiring for three-phase, high-amperage, special grounding, or emergency shut-off switches.

The first thing we recommend is to make sure all appliances and light fixtures are energy efficient with energy-efficient bulbs. We also highly recommend putting outdoor lights on timers, as well as putting watt stoppers (body heat and motion detectors) in bedrooms and bathrooms. This will ensure that the lights are off when not in use.

If you have problems with your current power or lighting, upgrading can save you the time and money needed for constant repairs. For lighting systems, changing to LED, CFL, or other power-saving bulbs can reduce your monthly bill. Motion sensing or light timers can also decrease your monthly bill while increasing the useful lifetime of your bulbs. Finally, better lighting can improve your decor – for business owners, it makes your establishment more inviting to customers.

One of the biggest reasons is safety! A licensed contractor understands the electrical codes and will do the job as it needs to be done. Proper wiring gauges, outlet types, secure connections, etc., are all specified by building and electrical codes. These codes are there for a reason – safety. Also, having a licensed electrician provides a service backed by various insurances, such as liability and workers’ compensation. With an unlicensed contractor, if problems arise, you may pay dearly, as your own insurance may not cover issues if you hire an unlicensed contractor. In the end, you put your safety and pocketbook at risk when you hire an unlicensed contractor.